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Mountain Lions
of the Tucson Mountains

June 23, 2009 - 4:45am

May 27, 2009 - 5:07pm

April 20, 2009 - 5:09am


(Current UA Wild Cat Center personnel/project leaders listed)

  • Local
    • Assessing bobcat distribution in Tucson with publicly-submitted photographs (L.Haynes)
    • Bobcat gene flow in Tucson (L. Haynes and M. Culver)
    • Monitoring population status and connectivity of mountain lions and bobcats in the Tucson Mountains (L. Haynes) see photos on left
    • Outreach and docent program with respect to bobcats and mountain lions in Tucson (L. Haynes)
    • Backyard bobcat neighborhood camera project (L. Haynes)
    • Assessing population status of mountain lions with track transects in Tucson Mountain District of Saguaro National Park (L. Haynes)
    • Bobcat ecology: an informational booklet (L. Haynes)
    • Mountain lion-landscape connectivity modeling in northwestern Tucson (R. Fuentes, R. Gimblett, L. Haynes)


  •   U.S.
    • Genetic assessment of population status of mountain lions in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (A. Naidu and M. Culver)
    • Population genetics of mountain lions in southwestern Arizona and Northwestern Mexico (A. Naidu and M. Culver)
    • Using motion-triggered cameras to asses the status of mountain lions and bighorn sheep in the southwestern United States (J. Sanderson)
    • Pilot project to host a range-wide mountain lion genetics database (M. Culver, A. Naidu, R. Fitak)
    • Population status and conservation genetics of wild cats in National Parks and Monuments in Arizona (Z. Hackl and M. Culver)
    • Population status and conservation genetics of border cats in four National Parks and Monuments in Arizona (C. Z. Hackl, L. Haynes, M. Culver)
  • International


  •   K-12 Education
    • Project Wild C.A.T. (Cats And Teaching—wild cat research in K-12 curricula) (L. Haynes and A. Neils)
  • Wild Cat-Human Conflict Solutions
    • Mountain lion predation intervention concept proposal (L. Haynes)





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