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UA Wild Cat Center
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Tucson, Arizona
Urban Bobcat Study

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About Us

Lisa Haynes – Coordinator

  • Urban bobcat ecology, regional mountain lion ecology, public outreach and education, citizen science

Melanie Culver – Faculty

  • Conservation genetics, world wild cat genetics, graduate student advisor

John Koprowski – Faculty

  • Mammal ecology, graduate student advisor

Randy Gimblett – Faculty

  • Wildlife and human landscape modeling, data systems, graduate student advisor

Jim Sanderson – Faculty

  • Founder and Director of Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (www.smallcats.org), IR-camera data systems, mountain lions in SW US, international projects: Andean cat, fishing cat, Chinese mountain cat, guina, margay, ocelot, jaguarundi, Pallas' cat, Borneo bay cat

Ashwin Naidu – Ph.D. Graduate Student

  • Mountain lion genetics in southwestern Arizona and northwestern Mexico, predator-prey dynamics of mountain lion and desert bighorn sheep, India tiger conservation (http://hyticos.wordpress.com/)

Aletris Neils – Ph.D. Graduate Student

Bob Fitak – Ph.D. Graduate Student

  • Mountain lion genomics

Roberto Fuentes – M.S. Graduate Student

  • Mountain lion-landscape connectivity modeling

C. Zoe Hackl – M.S. Graduate Student

  • Population status and conservation genetics of wild cats in National Parks and Monuments in Arizona

Sarah Foster – M.S. Graduate Student Candidate

  • Urban bobcat ecology and genetics

We also want to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of two previous staff members, Jessicca Lamberton, who is now with Sky Island Alliance, and Cheryl Craddock, in UA Computer Sciences.


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